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The Mortal Instruments

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This is going to be another book post. As you might know, I've been reading the Mortal Instruments series. And I thought instead of doing a review of each book, I was just going to talk about the whole series once I read all the books. This turned out to be a terrible idea. Because now I've finished City of Lost Souls and I can't remember anything that happened except for what happened in this book specifically. I'm sorry. 

So I'm just going to talk about City of Lost Souls and, very very sadly, City of Ashes, City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels will for ever remain unreviewed. 

As I've said, I have finished City of Lost Souls which means that I have read all the books of the series that have been published to this day. Which sucks. City of Heavenly Fire, the last book of the series, will come out in May and I know I said I wasn't 100% sure whether I liked the series at the beginning. Now I am. It totally got me hooked. I really enjoyed this book, most of all of the five, I think. There was more happening somehow and it wasn't as clear who was good and who was evil anymore. 

Take Sebastian for an example. I started to actually like him. Somehow he got me convinced he wasn't all that bad. And the fact that he is lonely and wants his family with him gives him a personality that is not purely evil. Yes, of course he has no idea how to handle the situation of being lonely. Instead of trying to change and make people like him by being a nice guy, he lies to them and wants to control them. But then again I don't think he can help it. He's part demon and he was raised by Valentine, how is he supposed to know what it means to care about someone and to love someone. All he was taught is that to love means to destroy and he only knows  how to pretend he cares about you. I think it's all very sad and I would have loved for Clary to kill him with the angel sword and then have him survive and be good. But it's pretty obvious that would not have worked, for example because he would have been killed instantly by the Clave. But I still couldn't help hoping for that to happen.

What really upset me is the way things ended between Magnus and Alec. I want them to be together. Magnus is one of my favourite characters and I love his relationship with Alec. Obviously, Alec has been acting like a complete idiot and went behind Magnus' back in the worst way possible, but still. I can't wait for City of Heavenly Fire, simply becuase I want to see them get back together. If that's not gonna happen, I might not like the books after all. I'm not really serious, but I do want Magnus and Alec to get back together. And I want Magnus to become mortal and I want them to grow old together and I just want them to be that cheesy romantic couple who find their way back to each other and do not stop loving each other through everything. Please!

Another thing that I didn't like about the end of the book is that heavenly fire thing that's going on with Jace. I mean, can't you just leave him alone at some point, Cassandra Clare? He was basically possessed half the time we've known him and now that he is finally free, you still can't let him be happy with Clary? Come on. But I have to admit that I started to kind of like bound-to-Sebastian-Jace. It would all have been perfect if Sebastian wasn't a complete psycho and Jace had been himself. Just imagine them living all together in that ridiculously cool apartment. And I did enjoy seeing Sebastian caring about Clary and Jace. It made him seem so human. But, to be honest, of all the things I'm expecting to see in the next book, I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen with these three the least. It's ridiculous, I know, with that being the main storyline. But I've just always loved the side storys. 

Speaking of which, yaay for Isabel and Simon and Jordan and Maia. I can't wait to see Iz confessing her feelings to Simon. And with Jordan and Maia, I think I already got the happy ending I was hoping for (don't you dare ruin it, Clare!) Even though, now that I think about it, the chances that it will be ruined are pretty high. I don't think everyone will survive that very last battle and I could really imagine either Jordan or Maia not making it. Yes, they were important to the story and I really got to like them but they weren't the kind of people you can't kill off. God, I feel terrible for saying this. Please let everyone live, Cassandra, please!

So, yes, I'll leave it at that for now. I'll probably do another post about The Mortal Instruments at some point because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop thinking about it and wondering what's going to happen and now that I have somewhere to share my thoughts, I might as well do it. Plus, I've started to read Clockwork Angel, so I'm still in the Shadowhunter World.

But thank you so much for reading!

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