Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting fit for the new year!

So, a while back, my mom bought a cross-trainer. And now that thing is standing in our living room, where I have to look at it every day and it practically screams at me: "WHY ARE YOU NOT EXERCISING?! YOU ARE GONNA GET FAT! AND THEN I'LL LAUGH." Because the thing is, I used to play handball but then had to quit because I hurt my shoulder and so on. And this just meant that I went from doing quite a lot of sports to doing nothing at all. And of course, my body didn't take that very well.

And then my mom bought that cross-trainer, as if to say "well, Karin, maybe it's time to start doing something for your body again" (I think she mostly bought it for herself, but still). But that still wasn't enought to actually make me get on that stupid thing. I was doing a really good job ignoring it. And then the new year came. And  my sister started to go on the cross-trainer. And my boyfriend started to go jogging almost daily. And one of my favourite youtubers Louise from SprinkleofGlitter started #GlitterGetsFitter. And I actually started to consider not hating that cross-trainer as much. And then, one day, I actually got on that thing. And was super proud afterwards.

Since then I've been exercising every time my sister has, which is great motivation. Everytime I come home and she tells me she was on that thing I feel like "I can't let her win. I can't!" And it works.

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