Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm still alive!

Sooo, hello there. It's been a while and I'm SORRY. But it had to be this way. I finally, finally made it to the end of the my first year at University and I'm happy to announce that I've survived all of my exams. I can't say how they went at all and I'll only know for sure that it wasn't a complete disaster in September. That leaves me two entire months to worry about it and of course to read lots and lots of books! 

I just wanted to write this quick post to let you know that I am not dead after all and that I intend to continue (or more like restart) writing this blog. I will be gone on vacation quite a bit in July but I think I'll still manage to post regularly.

My first order of business is to upload my May and June Wrap Up soon. I didn't read very much but I did buy some books that I want to show you. There are some that I'm dying to read but I've put a reading ban on the ones I was most excited for so that I wouldn't be too distracted while studying. Which means I'm going to be catching up on all of those now. ACOTAR here I come!

So yes, that's it. I'm happy to be back!

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