Saturday, January 9, 2016

December 2015 Wrap-Up

Hello there. Here I come with my very late December Wrap-Up. I completely forgot about this because of all the new year excitement, but of course I still want to let you guys know what books I read and received in December. So let's go.

What I Read

So I finished a disappointing four books in December, but I just want to say that I had also been reading the beast that is Winter all throughout the month. Or really, the second part of the month because the first two weeks were crazy because of uni and I had time for no reading at all. Also, all these books are New Adult because that's what I felt like reading when I needed a break from Winter.
  • Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, 3.5/5 ★
  • This is the only book that I read in the first half of December and I enjoyed it but also had some problems. For my full review go here.

  • Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker, 3/5 ★
  • This was just the usual NA read for me. I enjoyed it for the most part but it was also a little too dramatic and over the top. The instalove/-attraction was absolutely infuriating. What positively surprised me was how the aftermath of the 'big twist/reveal' was dealt with. This is usually where these kinds of books completely lose me, but I was actually really happy with the ending of this one.

  • The Deal by Elle Kennedy, 4/5 ★
  • So this one was overall a very positive surprise. While it still had the 'super popular sports champion meets unknown girl' trope (and the horrible cover), that was where the NA clichés ended. I loved both the main characters and their relationship was perfectly built. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because I was so happy with how everything was going and then right at the end there is still a stupid misunderstanding, not-telling-each-other-things kind of problem that just annoyed me to no end. But still, this is a NA read that I would recommend to anyone as it really is different from most of the books in the genre.

  • The Mistake by Elle Kennedy, 3/5 ★
  • So after the success that was The Deal, I was eager to continue with this series. The second book (focusing on different characters) was still an enjoyable read for me but unfortunately, it couldn't live up to my expectations after the first book. I felt like it was a step back from the unique side of NA and featured a more cliché relationship (though still not as bad as other NA I've read). I'm definitely still looking forward to the third book, because Elle Kennedy's writing is very addicting and I love her characters.

What I Bought

I am very happy to say that I didn't buy any books in December! But thanks to Christmas, I still have some new additions to my TBR to show you. Also a special thank you to my boyfriend and my family for giving me these books!

On the Blog

I uploaded an incredible amount of two posts in December. But I guess this isn't new for me, so I'm not even going to complain. Just hoping that in 2016 I will have more time and inspiration for blogging. But anyway, I talked about all the books I read in November in my November Wrap-Up and even reviewed an ARC (Firsts).


So as I already mentioned, the first half of December I was super busy with university as I had an exam on the last day before my semester break. I studied a lot and luckily that paid off as I left the exam feeling like the king of the world. I honestly have never had such a good feeling after writing an exam. Here's to hoping that my grade won't be a disappointment now. Then the second half of December was basically filled with eating, sleeping and waiting for snow. While the I enjoyed the first two things immensely, I'm really unhappy with the fact that we still don't have any snow here. I mean, last year at this time, I was struggling to get out of the house because of all the snow and today it's raining.

What did you read in December?
Any new favorites?

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