Saturday, April 8, 2017

FairyLoot March 2017 Unboxing

One thing I've been (unintentionally) keeping a secret here on the blog is how much I love FairyLoot. If you didn't know, FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box all about Young Adult fantasy books (i.e. perfect for me). I've ordered a couple of boxes in the past, but because they celebrated their one year anniversary in March, this box was a little special and I immediately knew I had to have it when they announced that it would be purple (don't judge).

The theme for the March box was MYTHS & MONSTERS. As always, one brand new hardcover release (signed!) was included, as well as five awesome goodies to go along with the theme. I really like all of it and took about a thousand pictures, which I'm going to share now.

First, and most importantly, the book included in this month's box was STRANGE THE DREAMER by Laini Taylor. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year, so I couldn't be happier about receiving it in the March box. I was pretty sure that this would be the book included which is part of the reason I absolutely had to get this box. As mentioned, it's actually signed by Laini Taylor and it came with a letter as well as a quote postcard.

The first (and maybe my favorite) item included is this beautiful Silver Dragon Scale Scarf by GivArt (whose links I unfortunately couldn't find). I love items of clothing like these that are super nerdy on the one hand but on the other hand you can't really tell if you don't pay attention.

Next we have Unicorn Fairy Lights by Mustard. These are really cute but a little much so for me to actually put up in my room or something. But they might make nice props for pictures.

So candles are probably my favorite thing to receive from FairyLoot, and this Nephilim Candle by Geeky Clean is no exception. It's a very sweet scent (black cherry & lime) and I basically can't stop smelling it.

Then we have this gorgeous Mermaid Pocket Mirror designed by Book Otter. I really love the design of this and while pocket mirrors are super useful in theory, I never really use them. So this will probably just end up on display on my bookshelves which I'm definitely not complaining about.

Last but not least we have these adorable Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bookmarks by Bonitismo. These will probably end up on display rather than in use too, just because they're too pretty and I don't want to ruin them.

Of course, the March FairyScoop with an interview with Laini Taylor and more was also included in the box. And because this was the anniversary box, there was also a little booklet portraying FairyLoots story which gave some lovely background information and Anissa and Michael's journey.

That's it! Obviously, I am super happy with this box, because who wouldn't be. I'm generally just a huge fan of FairyLoot and so impressed with all the hard work Anissa and the others put into their boxes. I highly recommend subscribing to FairyLoot if you have the chance. They also offer single purchases which I love, so you can just give it a try once without any commitment.

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