Tuesday, November 14, 2017

On the Topic of My Incapability to Write Reviews

Remember back when I used to review every single book I read on my blog? Don't worry, I can barely recall that glorious time either. Today, I want to have a look at why that is. Of course, there are the 'obvious' answers, namely increased workload at uni, general stress, laziness, etc. These factors certainly had and still have a big influence on my decreasing frequency in blogging in general, but I feel like there are more distinct reasons for why I don't review the books I read as often anymore.

When I first rediscovered my love for reading and started this book blog, I was so impressionable. Every book I read was new and exciting and I couldn't stop talking about all of them. Just looking at the ratings I gave to the books I read back then, it becomes clear that my 'standards' were much lower and that I fell in love with a book much easier than I do now. The books invoked a lot stronger emotions in me than most of the books I read nowadays, so that I felt like I had to type up my thoughts right away. Because that's why I started this blog in the first place, mostly to have somewhere to talk about these books when I couldn't keep my thoughts inside anymore. And I guess it's safe to say that over the years, it became harder for the books to get such a reaction out of me. Most of the stories I read, even if they're good and I enjoy them, just don't blow me away as much anymore, and I feel like I don't have as much to say about the books I read anymore. 

I was never very eloquent in my reviews, and they mostly consisted of 'I loved this book', 'I didn't like that' and other standard sentences and expressions, but it really didn't use to bother me because I just needed to get my thoughts out there. Nowadays, I get really frustrated when I try to write a review and the right words just won't come. Or when I simply don't know my reasons for why I loved a certain book or why another didn't really work for me. So even when time allows it and I sit down to write a review for a book I just finished, I will end up sitting in front of my computer not knowing where to start, so I put it off and decide to come back to it later. And of course, I never do.

In the few instances that I do try to sit down and write a review for a book a few days after finishing it, the following problem arises: I hardly remember anything of the plot or my thoughts on the story anymore. And I just don't understand how this is possible? I will only be left with a vague feeling of either love and admiration or disappointment. This is the same when I try to recommend books to other people. I can only say 'I really loved this book' and maybe recall very basic plot elements. How am I supposed to write a full-length review based on this information? And where do all my other thoughts and emotions disappear to?

I know that I used to write down my thoughts in a notebook or on my phone when I was reading the book, but I have long ago stopped doing that because I would constantly forget to actually do it while reading the book anyway. But maybe I should try and start that again? Or do you have any other tips to stay on top and actually remember the books you read? For now, I guess I'll just keep admiring everyone who manages to write proper, eloquent reviews all the time!

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