Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mini Haul and Ellie Goulding!

Hello you lovely person!

I realize it's been a while and I'm kinda mad at myself because of it. I was so determined to post regularly on here, but time just passes so quickly. At least now I have something to talk about. Because yesterday I went to see Ellie Goulding live in Zurich and it was amazing. But more on that later. First I want to talk about some things I bought right before the concert. I had some spare time after work and actually intended to buy my boyfriend's birthday present and then ended up with two nail polishes... But at least I bought a part of what I meant to buy too. So not a total fail.

So, these are the polishes that I bought:
essie help me grow anti-break base coat and Maybelline COLORAMA in Cool Blue

You should know that I already own waaaay too many nailpolishes. But I just love buying new ones and it's just so easy to find ones that I like. But unfortunately I always seem to buy the same colors. And when I want to paint my nails I feel like I don't have enough after all. Because almost all the polishes I own are dark colors, mostly dark reds. And I just can't stop buying new ones that are almost the same. I always think "oooh but this color is clearly a more purple dark red than the other two thousand I own." But then in the end they look pretty much the same. So when I had a look at the nail polishes yesterday, I forced myself to look at the brighter colors and fell in love with this baby blue one. I'm actually applying this while writing and I can already say that I love it. I think the Colorama polishes are really nice and a real bargain. Because essie or OPI polishes are just soo expensive here in Switzerland. But obviously I can't not look at the essie polishes and ended up buying this base coat in the end. I really hope it was worth it because my nails always brake and it's just so frustrating, so if this somehow helps that would be great! And I don't know why but the essie polishes I own have become really viscous (is this the right word?!) with time and are really hard to apply now and I'm really disappointed because they do cost a lot of money. So I hope that this one will be better.

So, I'm really happy with what I bought (I'm not gonna tell you about the gift for my boyfriend just yet because I'm pretty sure he's gonna read this). But of course, shopping was not the most exciting thing I did that day. Because afterwards I met up with my brother and sister and we went to see ELLIE GOULDING! And it was soo great. I don't actually know that many Ellie Goulding songs but I generally like her music. And I still can't believe how good she was live. She danced and jumped around the stage for 1.5 hours and I have absolutely no idea how she did that. And the singing didn't suffer at all, she still hit like every single note in that typical Ellie Goulding voice.

The only thing that didn't go that great was the fact that I somehow ended up standing right behind a woman with her hair up and it always tickled my face which was so annoying. And the fact that right in front of her stood like three super tall people didn't really help either. But I could still see the stage for like half of the concert at least and during the other half I just watched Ellie on the phone of the woman in front of me who was like constantly filming as well. But I did manage to take some pictures myself, so here you go (and yes, I realize they're like the worst quality but it was dark and the light was constantly changing and my phone can only do so much):

Chloƫ Howl as supporting act was amazing as well!

So if you ever get the chance, I definitely recommend going to her concert! And Chloƫ Howl played as supporting act and she was really great too.

And that's all that's new in Karinland. Thank you so much for reading!


  1. So cool you saw Ellie! I had wanted to see her last year here in Spain but I couldn't go, meh! Also I love the colorama range! Nice shade x


    1. You have to go see her next time she's in Spain. She's amazing! :)