Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Clothes and SUN!

Hello there, lovely person.

I'm actually doing my nails and watching Alfie's livestream at the moment and I thought, like a proper multitasker, why not write a new blogpost as well?

Because on Friday, the things I ordered from Zalando arrived and I'm gonna show you what I bought. I've wanted to get some casual things for summer and spring because I feel like at the moment I own a lot of work clothes and not so much to wear in my free time. So here's what I got:

1. Blouse by mint & berry
2. Top by DC shoes
3. Summer dress by even & odd

These are only the things I'm actually gonna keep, I did also order two other tops but didn't like them that much. And I also got some basic black jeans but I figured that those wouldn't be too interesting to look at. I don't usually order jeans online because they never fit but these fit perfectly and I'm really happy with them.

I'm really excited for spring and the weather has been really lovely here in Switzerland these past few days even though it's still quite cold. So on Thursday, I went snowboarding with my sister and my dad for the first time this year and the weather was perfect and surprisingly warm. I used to really love snowboarding but I feel like I'm starting to like it less every year and don't go that often anymore. But it was still a beautiful day and, even though it was really exhausting (I'm very out of shape) and there were so many people, I really enjoyed it and thought I'd share some pictures of snowy Switzerland with you.

And then today was like the complete opposite, still perfect weather but not a bit of snow. We visited my grandparents at Lake Constance and it was so beautiful that I had to take some pictures.

I really hope the weather stays this way for a little while, it just makes everything better. Thank you so much for reading! 

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