Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet My Sister

Hello you, it's been a while.

I've wanted to write another blog post for so long but never really knew what to talk about. I haven't been up to much lately and I'm still reading The Mortal Instruments series, so I can't even write about books. So I asked my family what they thought I should write in my blog and my sister immediately said 'write about me'. Now she obviously ment it as a joke but I'm gonna pretend she was serious.

I would like you to meet Valerie, my lovely little sister. I think we've always had  quite a good relationship and I'm really glad to have a sister, especially one like mine. So here are some advantages of being related to and living in the same house as Valerie:
  • Even though I'm the older one, I have to say it's more her who looks after me than the other way around. She quite likes to cook and is often the only reason I eat dinner because I'm to lazy to cook for myself. The same goes for breakfast on weekends. It's not rare that  she comes to my room at 10 a.m. to ask whether I'd like some eggs for breakfast. And then when I finally managed to get up and make my way to the living room, breakfast is waiting on the table.
  • We're the same size in clothes and shoes so whenever I don't have anything to wear, there's always my sister's closet to have a look too. And obviously she's my number 1 advisor when it comes to chosing my outfit for a night out. Yay for a personal stylist!
  • My sister is very supportive in general so whenever I need some help in an argument, she always backs me up. Well, except for the very rare fights between the two of us. 
  • I love to try out new hairstyles and they don't always work out on myself quite as I want them to. Luckily Valerie's hair is always ready for a new look. (Don't worry, scissors are never involved.) The only thing that sucks about this is that whenever we're going to some sort of dressed-up event, I often do something nice with my sister's hair and then don't have any time left for my own. So I end up with my usual boring hair whereas my sister looks all fancy.
  • I always have a shopping buddy for family holidays. This is just the best thing, especially when we're on holidays with our brother&dad. While shopping might not always be the most important thing to them, I never have to run from store to store alone. And of course the personal stylist thing is a big plus here too. 
  • Whenever I buy something new, be it clothes, make up, scented candles or basically anything, I've got someone to show it to. And of course someone to be jealous. (I'll just have to hide my new stuff later so that it doesn't magically disappear.)
  • My sister is pretty much the only person I know who's into youtube as well. So whenever a new video of one of our favourite youtubers comes out, I'll definitely have someone to talk about it. The same goes for a lot of tv shows as well. And a lot of other girly things that my brother for example, doesn't find very interesting (weird, I know). 

So there you go, having a sister is awesome. Of course everything's not always perfect but I'll save all the annoying and negative things for an angrier blogpost.

Thank you for reading! Please tell me about your sister and all the cool stuff you do together in the comments.

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