Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I Love Books

I've just finished Clockwork Angel and I finally got that feeling. The one that makes you hate books because they leave you feeling helpless and not knowing what to do other than keep reading. And when you finish the book, the feeling turns into this confusion and you look around you and realize that nothing has actually changed anywhere but inside you. When you don't really know what to do after you put the book down. It slowly starts to dawn on you that this is actually the real world and the one you just left only exists in between the pages. But you were just so caught up with the characters and the situation they find themselves in and you can't really imagine how anything could possibly ever be okay again.

Whenever I get that feeling, I know I just read a good book. Like a really good one. One that I will reread again and again.

I did not get that feeling with any of the Mortal Instruments books and I did not get it with Clockwork Angel. And I've always wanted to fall completely in love with this Shadowhunter World because it had all that potential but it took me six books to finally get that feeling. And now I'm so glad I did. It makes me think of all the other books completely differently and I can't wait to read Clockwork Princess and then finally be entirely ready for the release of City of Heavenly Fire.

Don't ask me why I want a book to make me feel helpless and don't judge me for getting all emotional about reading but to me, getting lost in a fictional world is just the best thing in the wolrd. And if you love reading as much as I do, I'm sure you'll understand what I'm talking about at least a little. And if you have no clue what on earth is wrong with me, well, I can't help it, I just love books.

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