Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top 5 Love Triangles

Hello there. It's Wednesday again, which means it's time for another list of Top 5 from the goodreads group I joined last week T5W. This week's topic is Love Triangles and I'll admit I had a hard time picking these as I'm usually a very anti-love triangle person and tend to not enjoy reading stories with them. That's also why there aren't many of them in the books I own and (and I was very surprised at that) I only had 7 options to choose from. Here are the five I picked out of those 7.

5. Bella / Edward / Jacob in the Twilight Series
This, for me, is like the "classic" love triangle. It's probably the first time I've encountered a love triangle in books and definitely the first one that absolutely annoyed me. But of course it's such a huge part of the books and I did like the series very much, so I decided to award it fifth place on my list. I'm actually thinking of rereading the Twilight series because I used to absolutely love it but now I can't really remember anymore.

4. Celaena / Dorian / Chaol in the Throne of Glass Series
I'm not sure this is really a love triangle, more of a series with two love interests, but I decided to count it. I really appreciated that there is no dramatic love-triangleness going on in this series, which makes me like it even more. I love all these characters so I just had to include them. I'm definitely team Chaol on this one, he and Celaena are just the best while Dorian and Celaena never really had that spark, or at least it didn't seem like it to me.

3. Katniss / Peeta / Gale in the Hunger Games Trilogy
Oh, how I love and adore the Hunger Games. It's my favorite series but even though this isn't my favorite love triangle, they still deserve to be in the top 3. What makes me like a love triangles is when I can see the appeals of both love interests and why it's hard for the main character to choose one. Here, that was definitely what was going on for me. I loved both Gale and Peeta and even I couldn't choose one. In the beginning, I was definitely more Team Gale but then I changed (which usually just does not happen) to Team Peeta in like the second book or so. Overall I just adored these characters and I loved Katniss's relationship to both Peeta and Gale.

2. Juliette / Adam / Warner in the Shatter Me Trilogy
Now this is my second favorite not because I think it's the best love triangle but also because I could see the appeal of both Adam and Warner at the time. At first, I loved Adam and Juliette and I was so confused after the first book because I knew that Juliette and Warner would be together but he was such a disgusting person, I just didn't understand how that was supposed to happen. But then we started to get to know Warner and I liked him more and more and Adam less and less to the point where I hated Adam and loved Warner. (I'm Team Warner for sure!) I just think that the shift from Adam to Warner was really well done and that's why these three lovebirds deserve second place.

1. Tessa / Will / Jem in The Infernal Devices
I don't even want to know how many people's favorite this is going to be. I mean, if you've read the books, there really isn't any other possible choice. These books were heartbreaking because the love triangle was so unfair and both Will and Jem were such amazing people and fighting for the same girl even though they are best friends. And I couldn't handle it for one second. I cried all the time at the unfairness that Tessa should find the love of her life twice and had to make an impossible choice. And of course, if you've read it you'll know, the ending of Clockwork Princess left me an emotional wreck. And then the ending of City of Heavenly Fire kind of healed it again and kind of tore open a whole new wound. This love triangle is just ups and downs and I love all three people in it so much, it had to be number one.

So that's it already for today. Thank you for reading and let me knof if you agree with my picks.

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