Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Top 5 Couples

Hello there, it's time for another Top 5 Wednesday post. If you want to participate, find the goodreads group here. This week's topic is Top 5 Couples and as you can imagine, it was incredibly hard to narrow all these amazing couples out there down to only five. But I did it and I tried very hard to choose couples from standalones also and not only the ones I've been able to follow through several books of a series. So here are the ones I've ended up choosing:

5. Jon Snow & Ygritte, A Song of Ice And Fire
Now these two unfortunately didn't get enough time with each other but I absolutely loved them as a couple. They were amazing in the books as well as in the TV show and I'm so upset about how they're relationship ended. I don't want Jon with anyone else because Ygritte was just perfect for him.

4. Rosie & Alex, Where Rainbows End
I absolutely loved the cuteness that is this book and the relationship between Rosie and Alex was incredibly cute. They were pretty much made for each other but struggled to realize this themselves. I can't tell you how angry this book made me at times because I just wanted for them to have their happy ending and wasn't willing to wait any longer. But in the end I have to admit that they're friendship was beautiful to watch, even if there had always been the option for more.

3. Harry & Ginny, Harry Potter
I didn't know whether to choose these two or Ron and Hermione but I decided to go with Harry and Ginny because I think I like them just a tad more and they never get the same amount of love as the other two. There's that scene in the sixth book where they started officially dating and they're sitting in the common room and Ginny is sitting on the floor and leaning on Harry's leg and that image is just branded into my mind as the perfect couple moment. I read that scene a million times and I just love their relationship to pieces.

2. Cather & Levi, Fangirl
Now this was an incredibly close call between the first to places. I decided to put Cather and Levi second even though I absolutely love their relationship and Fangirl is one of my favorite favorite books mainly thanks to Levi. Just thinking about them makes me want to reread the book for the third time this year and if you haven't read the perfection that is Fangirl, you should really start right now.

1. Magnus & Alec, The Mortal Instruments
When Magnus first turned up in the books, I really didn't like him. He was too weird and too much, who would have guessed that he would eventually become my favorite character in the whole series? And of course I fell in love with these two immediately, they are perfect for each other after all. All their ups and downs were so much fun to watch and I love how Magnus is just so much more experienced and still has the patience to deal with all of Alec's problems. I can't wait to read The Bane Chronicles and find out a little more about Magnus and hopefully his relationship to Alec too, since it's one of the small side notes in the Mortal Instruments series.

So these are my Top 5 Couples. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with any of them and we can swoon over some others together. Thank you for reading!


  1. Magnus and Alec are one of my favorite couples too. I've been rooting for them. :)