Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 5 Re-Reads

Hello there. It's time for another Top 5 Wednesday (find out all about it here) and after I missed last week, I decided to write this early because right now, when I scheduled to upload this, I am actually watchin The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and I'm super excited. But then I also start to think about how I've wanted to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and all that fun stuff for years and I still haven't started..

But on to happier topics, namely my top 5 favorite books to re-read. I re-read books quite a lot because everytime I really love a book I want to re-read it as soon as I finished it. Sometimes I also like to go back and read certain parts when a scene of that book pops up in my thoughts or something like that. I just think it's a waste of a book to not re-read it when it was so good. And most of the time I discover new things the second or third time round that make the book even better.

But let's get on to my favorite 5 to re-read. I'm gonna make these the ones I want to re-read the most and not the ones that I've re-read the most times. I hope that's okay. Anyway, here they are:

This might seem like an odd choice but I really feel the need to reread the whole Twilight series. I've read these books a number of times because I used to love them. I mean, Twilight was the book that turned me into a fangirl and the first book that was ever more than just a book to me, that took up my life. For some people, this might be Harry Potter and it was for me too somehow but I was too young when I read the HP books to fall in love with them in the same way I did with Twilight. I remember when the first movie was coming out and there was a clip released of the Baseball scene and my friends and I watched it over and over and over and screamed and jumped around and we just went crazy. That's what I used to be like and now my love for Twilight has suffered a lot from all the hate it was getting. So I just want to make up my mind about the series again.

I read this book only a few months back but I really really loved it and I want to re-read it so much. I stayed up until I finished it (in a day) and then the next day until I finished Walking Disaster and then the next to finish Beautiful Oblivion and you can probably imagine what time it was at that point. But I just loved Jamie McGuire's writing style and the books were so easy to get through and oh so much fun to read.

This is one of my alltime favorite books and probably the one I've re-read the most. I love the story so much and I always wait long enough to re-read it that I don't know everything by heart anymore so I can rediscover the book a little every time I read it. Also, I've only ever read this in German and I really want to own an English copy as well. Buying and reading the English version will be an amazing experience too, I'm sure, and it will hopefully happen soon.

I know I should probably re-read the whole series but I really just want to read about the precious Juliette/Warner-moments. I find myself thinking about things they say in this book a lot lately so I'm probably gonna have to pick the book up soon.

This is the book I'm most likely think about in my every day life. I can't tell you how much I love this story and even though all Rainbow Rowell's other books are great too, nothing can quite live up to the amazingness that is Fangirl. I read this book for the first time at the beginning of the year and already had to re-read it during the summer. First of many re-reads I'm sure. Just thinking about it, I want to dive into Cather and Levi's story all over again.

So that's it for this week's Top 5 Wednesday. Trust me, there were a lot of other books I wanted to put on this list, but I had to settle with these five. Let me know if you agree and thank you so much for reading!

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