Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ARC Review: Twisted Souls (Twisted #1)

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion or my review of the book in any way. Many thanks to the publisher for providing me with this eARC!

Twisted Souls
by L.L. Collins
Series: Twisted #1
Publication Date: March 3, 2015
Published by: L.L. Collins
Kindle edition, 217 pages
My rating: DNF at 50%

What if your soul is so intertwined with someone else's that it's impossible to imagine yourself without them?

Blake McIntyre and Liane Kelly’s families have spent their vacations together on Sanibel Island their entire lives, and the two have always been the best of friends. But as they get ready to go to college, they admit that friendship isn’t enough for them anymore and spend a whirlwind two weeks daring to dream of their future together.

But building sandcastles and lazy beach walks filled with moonlight kisses isn't the same as real life, and soon they are faced with a new reality. Can their hope of forever survive past their summer, or does fate have its own twisted plan?

Twisted Souls is a story of friends falling in love - something I usually love to read about. However, this book unfortunately didn't work for me. It's told from both Liane and Blake's perspective and actually started out pretty good - I liked the characters and was excited that Collins had tried a different turn on New Adult. There wasn't much drama in the beginning, Liane and Blake actually talked about stuff, including their feelings, and I thought that was great.

But once they figured everything out and became an actual couple, it went downhill for me. There was SO MUCH talk about how in love they are and how they want to get married and have babies and so on. Maybe I should mention at this point that they're both 18 and Liane got out of a two year relationship (her boyfriend broke up with her and she was therefore heartbroken) days before seeing Blake and falling madly in love with him. It all just went a little fast for me. 

Trust me, I tried to be understanding. They had been friends their entire lives, so they knew each other very well. Developing stronger feelings over time seems only natural and I could understand that completely. But Liane had been in a relationship only a few days before and had talked about how she was going to marry that guy; that sounds pretty serious! Being able to simply toss a relationship like that aside and already thinking about marrying the new guy just felt wrong to me. Plus, despite all the big talk, Liane seemed pretty immature which only annoyed me more.

What really bothered me and the reason I put down the book in the end was how repetitive everything felt. Literally every two pages there was a statement like 'oh, he's the love of my life but now the summer is almost over, what am I going to do?' I couldn't take it anymore. I was constantly rolling my eyes and I couldn't think of anything that could possibly happen in the second part of the book that I hadn't read three times already. So I gave up.

I have never not finished a book before and I feel bad about Twisted Souls. But I decided there really is no use in pushing through this book when I can read books I'm really enjoying instead.

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