Friday, January 2, 2015

December Wrap-Up and OMG IT'S 2015 ALREADY

Hello there and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you've all had a great start into 2015 with ambitious reading goals for the year. I don't have that many but I did decide to take part in the Authors A to Z Reading Challenge, which you can read about here. Other than that, I hope to read 70 books this year as my goodreads challenge. I will also do a post for my top books for 2014 overall soon but today I want to talk about what I read in December. I know I'm very late for all these year wrap-up posts but it's the way it is and I hope you're still interested, even if the new year has already begun. 

I only read four books in December, which really isn't a lot. But the month went by so quickly with the end of my first semester at University and Christmas and all that I didn't find as much time to read as I would've liked. But here are the books I did manage to read:
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, ★★★★★
  • I really really enjoyed this book and it was a nice change from all the more superficial lovey-dovey stuff I had been reading. I highly recommend this book as it taught me a little more about World War II and, more importantly, illustrated what it was like to live back then. My grandparents are German and have lived through World War II but it's not something anyone really talks about, so I can hardly imagine what it must've been like. Overall this was a really great and educating read and I very much enjoyed the movie too.
  • Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout, ★★★★
  • I almost forgot about this one because it's still on my currently-reading shelf on goodreads (I still have the prequel novella left to read). But I did it! I finished the Lux series in 2014 and I'm proud of that. I enjoyed this last installment, it was fun and entertaining like all the past books, plus the plot was something new and exciting, which made it a lot easier to like.
  • Ignite by Lily Paradis, ★★★
  • I really liked the story of Ignite because it was quite different from other contemporaries and a cute story overall. What bothered me was the writing; it felt incoherent and emotionless, with lot of typos. But as it's Lily Paradis's debut novel, I hope her future work will be improved on those points. I also just found out that there will be a sequel to Ignite, which I am excited to read.

So, that's it for my December Wrap-Up. Let me know what you read last month and what you plan on reading in the new year. I have absolutely no plans for January because I never manage to stick to them anyway. I might start the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I might finally read The Bane Chronicles, who knows. Isn't it so much more exciting to find out when it's all a surprise?? How boring would it be if you all knew what I read during the month before reading my wrap-up? Right? Okay, I am going to say goodbye now, as my sarcasm is getting out of control.

Thank you for reading!


  1. I've seen so much talk going around about Ignite. I'm a little weary about typos though. But hey, it was cute, right? I'm not much of a contemporary reader but the cover is just so pretty!

    1. It was totally a cover buy for me to be honest, it's just so nice to look at. But yes, the typos were super annoying but the story was cute. :) I would love to know what you think if you ever read it!