Monday, January 5, 2015

Top 14 Books of 2014

Hello there. I am here today to look back on my whole reading year of 2014. It was the reading year for me, you could say, because I read a grand total of 90 books this year, including novellas but not rereads, even though my goodreads reading challenge only gives me credit for 88 (I read the Lux bind-up editions that include two books each and goodreads doesn't get that). It was the year I finally found my way back to the happy place that exists in books. I used to like reading (although never as much as I do now) but then towards the end of highschool, I had to read more and more books for school and therefore didn't have time to read anything for fun. Sure, the books we read in class weren't bad for the most part, but it's just not the same.

I have never ready an amount of books in a year that comes even close to 2014. I mean, looking at my goodreads 'read' shelf, I have read 172 books in total, in like, ever. And 90 (or 88) books is MORE THAN HALF OF THAT. So half the books I've read in the 20 years I've been on this planet, I read in the past year. That's crazy. But at the same time it makes me insanely proud and happy.

But now, of course, I also want to share with you which books I liked most of all of the ones I've read. And, as you can imagine, choosing 14 from 90 is incredibly hard. But I have decided on 14 books (and sometimes whole series, I'm sorry) that I want to recommend again to anyone. I'm not going into any detail on the books, I'm sure you've read or at least heard of all of them anyway. So, without further ado, here are my most favorite books of 2014.

Anna and the French Kiss / Lola and the Boy Next Door / Isla and the Happily Ever After
by Stephanie Perkins
Ratings: ★★★★ / ★★★★ / ★★★★

To All The Boys I've Loved Before
by Jenny Han
Rating: ★★★★

Beautiful Disaster
by Jamie McGuire
Rating: ★★★★★

The Edge of Never
by J. A. Redmerski
Rating: ★★★★★
Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline
Rating: ★★★★★

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
by Morgan Matson
Rating: ★★★★★

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
by Leslye Walton
Rating: ★★★★★

Shatter Me / Destroy Me / Unravel Me / Fracture Me / Ignite Me
by Tahereh Mafi
Ratings: ★★★★ / ★★★★ / ★★★★★ / ★★★★ / ★★★★★

Just One Day / Just One Year / Just One Night
by Gayle Forman
Ratings: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★ / ★★★★★

The 5th Wave / The Infinite Sea
by Rick Yancey
Ratings: ★★★★★ / ★★★★

Love Letters To The Dead
by Ava Dellaira
Rating: ★★★★★
goodreads - Review

Clockwork Angel / Clockwork Prince / Clockwork Princess
by Cassandra Clare
Ratings: ★★★★ / ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
goodreads - Review / goodreads / goodreads - Review

Throne of Glass / Crown of Midnight / Heir of Fire
by Sarah J. Maas
Ratings: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★ / ★★★★★
goodreads - Review / goodreads - Review / goodreads

by Rainbow Rowell
Rating: ★★★★★
goodreads - Review

So that's it, these are my top 14 favorite books / series of 2014. Let me know what your favorite book was last year. Thank you so much for reading!

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