Saturday, January 24, 2015

On the Topic of Angels

Well, hi there. As you may or may not know, I'm currently reading the Daughter of Smoke & Bones trilogy by Laini Taylor. And it's got me thinking, so today I'm going to talk about something a little different on here (nothing deep or anything, don't worry).
Angels are these beautiful, elegant and graceful creatures and honestly, who wouldn't love a pair of wings for themselves? But when you start to think about it, wouldn't that just be the most inconvenient thing ever? Yes, the flying is great. And yes, they would look really cool. But here are some things I've thought about where I'm really glad there aren't two huge wings attached to my back:
  1. Sleeping. How on earth (or heaven, haha) does an angel sleep? I mean, the wings have to be BIG otherwise they wouldn't carry a full-grown person's body, right? How can you possibly lie down comfortably with those things attached to your back? I don't know if that's weird, but I started to really think about this last night. So lying down isn't really the problem yet. You can obviously lie on your stomach or on your sides. Lying straight on your back seems to be problematic since the joint where the wings are connected to the back can't really be comfortable to lie on, right? But there's a way around that. But then think about it, you can't move in your sleep. Those wings are always in the way. Like when you're lying on your side and then want to turn around, you would have to first sit up, get your wings ordered again, and then lie back down. That doesn't sound relaxing to me at all.

  2. Taking a shower. First of all, are there really showers big enough to also house a pair of angel wings? And if you find one that is and you've somehow fit all of yourself in there, how can you possibly thoroughly wash yourself? First of all, the amount of shampoo it takes to wash a pair of wings? A lot. That has to be expensive. And then imagine how long it would take to dry them. An angel probably needs the whole day just to wash themselves. I don't want that, thank you. Plus, you'd have the same problem in the rain. Or have you ever seen an umbrella under which your wings would fit as well? I haven't.

  3. Clothes. What does an angel wear? Sure, you can always go with a backless dress or something but what are you going to do during the winter? Too cold. And in the summer those feathers would probably keep me warmer than I would want to be. But then, I guess if there were angels around, there would also have to be clothes that fit them. But putting a shirt on where you have to button it up on the back or something? I feel like I would always need help getting dressed.

  4. Generally walk around. How do you fit the wings through doors? How can you walk into a store without knocking everything down? How do you not hit other people constantly when walking through a crowd? How can you sit in a chair? On a sofa, where other people might want to sit next to you? THE CAR? Okay, I guess you wouldn't really need a car when you can just fly everywhere. But then that has to be exhausting too. And again, when it's cold in the winter? Does anyone of you prefer riding the bike to driving the car in the winter? I didn't think so.
Okay, so these are just some problems I've thought about. I don't know if I just don't understand the whole concept, but wings seem to be kind of a struggle to me. Or can they just fold them to a really tiny little package on their backs?

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having wings. I think they are beautiful. I do also like to read about angels but there are just some scenes where I can't really imagine what someone does with those feathery things attached to their backs.

Have you ever thought about the struggle of having wings?
Do you agree or would you like a pair of your own?

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