Friday, July 4, 2014

My Summer TBR

Hello there. It's FRIDAY and not just any Friday but the Friday before my summer holidays. I'm leaving for Mallorca on Sunday and I'm beyond excited. Lying on the beach and enjoying the sun and just relax is going to be awesome and of course I'm also hoping to read a lot of good books while I'm at it and that's what I wanted to talk about today.

I have a few books here that I'm absolutely dying to read so I thought I'd show them to you. My amazon order just arrived yesterday and SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. So these are the books that I got and plan to read in the next few weeks: 
  • Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
    I've just finished reading Shatter Me and I cannot wait to read the second novel in the series. It's about Juliette, a girl who has never known love or friendship because everyone thinks she's a monster. She cannot touch people without inflicting serious pain or even kill them, which has led to an extremely lonely life and a lot of insecurities. She is taken in by The Reestablishment who want her to be their weapon and force her to use her power. I'm hoping to read this soon but decided it wasn't really beach-reading-material and it's probably going to have to stay at home. I'm really intrigued by the ending of the first book so I'm sure this won't be left on the TBR-pile for too long.
  • We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
    I've heard so much about this and at the same time almost nothing. Everyone said it's best to go into this book not knowing anything and I'm really excited to do exactly that. This is such a tiny book that I'm hoping to get through it quickly and definitely plan on reading this next week at the beach.
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour
    I am in love with this cover. I don't really know much about this book either but THE COVER. It's so beautiful and I can't wait to find out whether the story is too. It's about a girl called Emi whose brother gave her his Los Angeles apartment for the summer under the condition that she does something great there while he's gone. This sounds like the perfect setting for a fun story and hopefully that's exactly what it will be.
  • Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
    Another beautiful cover and hopefully another great contemporary novel. I love the synopsys of this book and am very very excited to read it. It's about a girl called Emily whose best friend disappeared and left her a to-do list to bring Emily to do things she wouldn't normally do.
  • Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
    This book looks so interesting! Flipping through it, I can see pictures and lists (I love lists of all sorts) and maps and I just want to know what it's all about. It's about a girl and a guy going on a roadtrip; I don't even need to hear more, I already love it.
  • The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder
    Another one I bought because of the cover. How could I resist all these pretty covers though? I'm not sure I'm taking this on my trip next week (I am going by plane after all and there's this annoying weight limit) but this will definitely be read this summer too. I mean look at it, it practically screams summer. It's about two friends leaving their boring town to discover new places and meet new people.
  • The Selection by Kiera Cass
    I've wanted to start this series for so long but then always decided to read another one first. But I will get to this eventually. Everytime I read the synopsys, I want to read the book instantly but then for some unknown reason never actually do. It's about a girl who is one of 35 chosen women to compete for the love of a prince, even though she doesn't actually want to. What actually won me over is the promise of 'glittering gowns and priceless jewels'. I just love stories of luxury and balls and I'm very excited to start this book.
So these are all of the books on my Summer TBR List (for now). Since I can't really take all of them with me to Mallorca, I'm gonna have to make a very difficult choice soon. I want to read them all and arrgghhh.

So if you have any recommendations as to which ones I should read first, please leave a comment. I'm really facing an impossible decision and I need help!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a great day.

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