Monday, July 21, 2014

The Edge of Falling

The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle
Caggie's life was perfect.
But when a moment of recklessness on the Manhattan rooftops is misunderstood by her friends and family, Caggie knows that her life has changed forever. Nothing makes sense anymore, and no one seems to understand.
Then she meets the dark and enigmatic Astor - the only person who understands what she's going through. But as he seduces Caggie further away from her old life and everyone she once cared about, she starts to wonder if she'll ever find her way back. Because once you fall, there's no going back.

A lot is going on in Caggie's life and she doesn't really know how to handle it all. A few months back she lost her little sister and she can't help but feel responsible for her sister's death. On top of that, she becomes known at her school for saving someone's life at a party in summer but noone knows the truth about what really happened that night. She can't tell anyone, so she starts shutting everyone out who used to be close to her. She pushes away her friends and family and only when she meets Astor, she feels like someone understands what she's going through. She becomes more and more attached to him, keeping away from her family and best friend, even though she doesn't really know anything about him.

The story of how Caggie deals with her grief sounded really interesting and the cover is so beautiful, I was really excited to read this book. But then I was kind of disappointed. The story itself is rather dark and it was very hard for me to identify myself with our main character. I understand that Caggie is going through a very difficult time and making the right choices is definitely not easy in that position but she was acting so stupidly. Sometimes all I wanted was to shake her and tell her what an idiot she's being. And then Astor is just such a weird guy, I never managed to warm up to him and he really scared me at some points. There just wasn't anyone in this book that I liked as a character which makes it hard to enjoy the story.

I did like the ending to this and I felt like everything was wrapped up nicely, especially because it ended the way I hoped it would - even if it was rather dramatic. But what bothered me most overall was that the whole story never really touched me. When I read Love Letters to the Dead I cried throughout the whole thing just because the thought of losing my sister is unbearable. I didn't shed one tear reading The Edge of Falling though, even though the main characteres are in similar situations. I have no idea why but that's definitely why I didn't rate it higher than three stars. I had just expected a little more.

The book is rather short, though, so if you're interested you should definitely give it a try. And, to be honest, that cover makes a great addition to any bookshelf. Thank you for reading!

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